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FP Solutions is a Hong Kong based Business Accelerator targeting companies and startups operating within technologies sectors that has a proven innovative edge adapted to the Asian & African Markets.

FP Solutions  has a Worldwide presence in world’s most innovative cities: Hong-Kong, Paris, Tel-aviv, Nairobi, Shanghai.

Our portfolio is mainly European based, US, Middle-east and Asian based companies. All selected startups in our portfolio already reached the “Go To Market” level with an officially valid , some even closed commercial dealerships in US or European markets.

Our expertise


(R&D, technology scouting) - Technology scouting is highly recognised to increase the rate of meaningfull and open innovation as well as growth - Integrate an external network to use the informations to capitalise on internal resources and it’s the jackpot - With the right combination of scouting technology and personal networking outreach, companies can leverage external resources to drive innovation within their company. - Network of governments, innovation institutions: intellectual property, to expand worldwide - Alongside giving you all the ressources you need, if we find a genuine interest in your project, we will invest personally or ask one of our investor’s network


(Innovation, consulting services) Innovation : the right amount of strategy and creativity Do, think, create and strategize Consulting services: focus on client’s critical issues and opportunities: enhance performance, growth, profitability by finding the right solution to your matters Bring deep, functional expertise (marketing, digital, sustainability, investment)


We know that being a founder can be lonely sometimes, alongside working with us, you will also work with our network of 8000 experts. We have followed the same path, so we’re here to give you all the instruments you need to succeed.


We created a structured go-to-market process based a framework to guide existing projects from start to finish. During the collaboration, we tailor and select startup tools relevant to every project in order to solve its challenges during intensive work sessions. At the end of the process the different projects will be validated by customers. We are able to support teams until they are ready to do a complete roll out in the market.


(integrator and solution distributor) - Develop the best system to minimize risk - Suppliers in Africa, Asia - Integrate distribution strategies


No flashy titles, we take the finest people that matters and who have come the same path as you did. Flexible, reliable

about us

Our story your story

“As an angel investor, I get involve and use my experience from sourcing, purchasing ,quality check, production to help startups reach hyper-growth and profitability

Words from our CEO

Seek Unexpected hyper-growth

FP Solutions celebrates visionary innovators who aim to implement sustainable changes. We have a true interest in developing socially/new technologies inclined, competitive and high-profit companies that are capable of impacting Asian and African markets.

Our entrepreneurial journey started 30 years ago Europe Africa and Asia. Thrive by new ideas and desire to design innovative concepts; our founder created dozens of factories ,industrial and holding companies in diversified sectors: textile, new technologies, real estate and telecom.

This was the beginning of our success story. Filled with experience, we aim to share our skills, network and knowledge with young entrepreneurs. FP Solutions also possesses strong management sourcing, production and quality departments, as well as suppliers in Asia.

We Enjoy Working

Number speak bigger than words

“You shouldn't do things differently just because they're different. They need to be... better”
elon musk
CEO Tesla

Start ups : A little help, never hurt nobody Ready to walk on the footsteps of worldwide change-makers ?

You are not trying to surf on the next wave, you are seeking the perfect one. Success key: We are bringing you our knowledge, expertise, networking so that you can focus on your development and growing business. We know that you need more than innovative technologies to reach growth in overseas markets. Enter the FP Solutions ecosystem by becoming a member. You will get a free support, connections and resources you need to grow your business, expand to overseas opportunities and increase profitability.

“Don’t worry about failure, you only have to be right once.”
Drew Houston
ceo paypal

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